Electronic Ship Entry Notice - eSEN
What is eSEN?
The eSEN application provides an easy-to-use and efficient method for reporting the ship arrival information required by NPA and other Federal agencies for ships visiting Nigerian ports. It was developed to enable SEN to be submitted directly to NPA via the internet portal, thereby avoiding faxes, scanners, and hand-delivery.
Any SEN submitted via the eSEN application constitutes the official SEN, and duplicate submissions through other means are not required.
Payment Requirements
  1. A fee of N1,000.00 Naira is charged per Ship Entry Notice certificate issued
  2. Payments may be made using Debit/Credit Cards or at the banks 
  3. eSEN has an eWallet facility that can also fund your eSEN transaction
You are accessing the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) Information System (IS) that is provided for NPA-authorized use only. By using this IS (which includes any device attached to this IS), you consent to the following conditions:
  • NPA routinely monitors communications on this IS for purposes including, but not limited to, monitoring, network operations and law enforcement (LE)..
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